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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are married?!?!?

Today was a sad, sad day for many of us... It was reported that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are married.... and none of us were ready. At least I wasn’t. Being a Belieber for as long as I can remember I was truly heartbroken at the engagement news, and hearing that he was married crushed me. Although I came to accept the fact that I would never be with him, I was all for team Jelena. Like many others, I really thought JB and Selena were going to get married and I was just waiting for the time to come. But instead, we were all shocked to hear that it was Hailey he was going to marry.


Speculation about the marriage occurred when the couple was spotted together at a courthouse on Thursday afternoon. However, the rumours about the marriage were quickly shut down when Hailey took to twitter to tweet that she “understands where the speculation is coming from but I’m not married yet!” Soon later, sources close to the couple shared with E! News and People Magazine that the two are both religious and want the church to be very much involved with their wedding. Justin and Hailey are reportedly planning a huge ceremony to share their special day with friends and family.


All of this news comes shortly after Justin’s manager Scooter Braun shared in an interview that not too long ago he was up worrying every night that Justin would die from an overdose. In the interview Scooter shared the difficult times that him and Bieber were going through when he was partying nonstop and getting into constant trouble (his DUI, and egging his neighbor's house causing $20,000 in damages). However, Scooter is now relieved to say that Justin is in a much better place, happily engaged to Hailey, and completely devoted to God.


It’s safe to say that all of us Beliebers are happy about Justin being sober and not being married yet… but it’s just a matter of time until him and Hailey tie the knot.

Arianna Ruiz

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