James Ephrati, '14

Name: James Ephrati

Major: Econ/Stats

Year: Junior


HC: There’s a lot of amazing girls at Cal… What do you look for in a girl?

James: Someone who is athletic, has a warm personality, is always understanding, laughs at my jokes and has high self esteem. A Lakers fan is always a plus!


HC: Alright, let’s hear it. Celebrity crush?

James: Ryan Gosling… Or Mila Kunis.


HC: Haha. Love it. What’s your biggest turn on?

James: Dancers, yoga pants, belly button piercings. And of course, any girl with a British accent.


HC: Let’s say you snag Mila or Ryan; what’s your ideal first date?

James: Skydiving or a basketball game (one where the Lakers win of course!)


HC: After 3 years at Cal, you must have had some awesome experiences. Any favorites?

James: Gamedays, Taco Tuesdays at Café Durant and the Giants winning the World Series last Fall.


HC: Go Giants! We’re pretty spoiled with awesome food around campus. What’s your favorite place to grab a bite?

James: Cheeseboard!!!