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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

Got Me Started,” Troye Sivan’s second single from his upcoming album, Something To Give Each Other, is the perfect dose of synth pop for boosting self-confidence. The song samples Bag Raiders’ “Shooting Stars,” which you may have heard from meme culture in the 2010s. Yet, the Australian singer reinvents the tune in his catchy, sexy new single. Similar to his previous single “Rush,” the song is fast-paced with an irresistible beat, but it expands in its verses and paints a fuller portrait of a night. 

The verses sing like velvet, but the song really shines in its chorus, indulging in the overtly sexual pop world. Instantly catchy and effortlessly honest, Sivan’s new hit is an energizing anthem before, during, and after a night out. I personally can’t get enough of it, as it’s currently playing on repeat on all my streaming platforms. 

The music video is equally stunning. Shot in Bangkok, the video features advanced choreography that allows the singer to venture out of his comfort zone. However, each move is flawlessly executed. Through his inexorable, frenetic movements, the singer really connects to his song as his personality translates on the screen. 

It’s difficult to stay still while listening to this latest release or watching the captivating visuals. With over 2,000 videos under the sound, the song is already gaining traction on TikTok, and the dances are trending among users who are putting their own spin on the choreography. The singer even took to his own account to post a tutorial of the rather difficult moves. If the song does one thing right, it’s that it makes you want to get up and dance. 

Thalia Colarian

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