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Eight Websites That Make the Internet Awesome!

Prepare to embark on a journey of exploration through the depths of the interwebs. Maybe you’ve done some surfing in your day and you know about all these hotspots, but if not, prepare for some life altering dot com action. Here are eight random websites that might make your day just a little bit better!

1. Sporcle.com

Are you ready to put your trivia knowledge to use? Sporcle is a website that is jam-packed with millions of quizzes and games that will bring out the inner trivia queen in you. These “mentally stimulating diversions” range from naming all 44 presidents in three minutes to guessing corporate logo. Whatever field your trivia skills lay, Sporcle has a quiz for it. With daily doses of missing word games, word ladders, and minute morsels, there is always something new for you. Get started now and you’ll be hooked!

2. Postsecret.com

Instead of Sunday being a dreadful day full of homework, join the Post Secret community and let it be a day to look forward to. Post Secret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard. Every Sunday, select secrets are chosen and posted to the website. Serious, sad, or silly secrets, Post Secret brings the online community closer together.

3. 5min.com

Got 5 minutes? Stop what you are doing and take those 5 minutes to learn something brand new and quite possibly extraordinary. Enhance your life with useful tips, DIY projects, instructions, recipes, and so much more in just 5 minutes. From planting tomatoes to the daily horoscope and everything in between, 5min has a video for it.

4. Stereomood.com

Behind every song there’s always an emotion. That’s why we love music. Stereomood is the ultimate friend that listens to your feelings and then gives you exactly what you want: the perfect song. Either choose a mood and its custom tunes or create a mood and playlist that is uniquely you!

5. thehunt.com

On the hunt for that perfect floral 50’s style dress? Hot pink wedge sneakers or studded American Converse Allstars? If its trending, or completely off the wall, this fabulous fashion and shopping site allows users to share exactly what they are searching to buy and the community helps them find similar or matching products. Wherever your style needs take you, The Hunt is your one stop shop!

6. writtenkitten.net

There’s no denying, college is hard. Sitting down to write a paper can a despairing task but thankfully, Written? Kitten! has just the motivation you need; that is, if cute and fluffy cats inspire you to work. This simple reward system presents dejected writers with images of kittens to suit your fancy for every significant achievement in word count. Those next 100 words seem like a breeze when there is a promise of an instantly heartwarming picture at the end.

7. drinkify.org

Don’t listen to music alone. Instead, listen to music while sipping on a cocktail perfectly catered to your musical preference. Just type in the band or artist of your fancy and Drinkify will deliver a custom drink to represent the music sample accompanying it. Does One Direction have your heart? Let them serenade you as you indulge in Mezcal, Coco Lopez, and Bitters served in a highball glass and garnished with pickled carrot sticks. Toni-i-i-ght, we are young, so pump up the fun., serve yourself 1 Pliney the Elder, head over to Drinkify and get the party started!

8. thenicestplaceontheinter.net

And sometimes, all anyone needs is a hug. The nicest place on the internet is just what it says it is, a cyber pocket full of smiles and hugs for those days when you need a little pick me up—or for everyday!

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