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Trying to find a new coffee place? Try Philz Coffee. Coffee at Philz is a breath of fresh air, since they offer many rich and refreshing beverages. Each cup is made flavorful and crafted with precision, making every cup a new adventure. When trying a new coffee shop don’t be scared and enjoy the new experience. 

mint mojito

Refreshing and fresh — this iced coffee is a match made in heaven for coffee drinkers that like a fresh cool coffee. The coffee is made with a plethora of fresh mint leaves that keep the freshness in the coffee as one enjoys it. The coffee is also made with a sweet cream mixed in. The coffee isn’t overly sweet or bitter, but perfectly in the middle. It’s overall an amazing coffee choice for people looking for a coffee on the more herbal and fresh spectrum. 

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This is an amazing coffee that embodies everything the autumn season is. This drink is made with an abundance of spices, such as cinnamon and ginger, that give it a healthy and organic taste. The favor feels authentic, since the spices are muted and there’s no excessive amount of sugar. The taste is an amazing choice during the holiday season. For those chai, pumpkin spiced lovers: definitely try this coffee!

Mocha Tesora  

Medium blend and made for mocha lovers — this coffee is flavorful and has a bit of a punch in the beginning. Made with dark chocolate and caramel, it creates a blend of flavors that aren’t bitter or overpowering, but, instead, mellow and sweet. One can taste the chocolate in the coffee, making it taste more real, and the caramel provides the perfect amount of sweetness. The blend is an amazing option for any mocha lovers out there. 

Shun Matsuhashi / Spoon

Iced Coffee Rosé

Rose-central — you either love it or hate it. There’s no middle ground. If you like rose flavored drinks, you’ll love this. The rose flavor is very much there and is a punch to the tastebuds. The drink is medium roast, with rose essence added to the cream. The coffee is very flavorful, and the roast complements the rose cream. The drink is neither too sweet nor too bitter. If you love rose flavored foods, I’d recommend giving this drink a try! 

Cold brew

Fresh and smooth — Philz’s cold brew feels very fresh and not bitter. It has a classic black coffee flavor. The cold brew is made using drip coffee. If you’re a cold brew lover, this is a match made in heaven. 

honey haze

For the iced caramel latte lovers out there, you need to try this drink! This coffee perfectly blends sweetness and creaminess. It’s made with fresh honey that is noticeable, sweet, and very rich. Overall, this is a better and smoother version of iced caramel lattes. Not to mention, this is an amazing introductory coffee option for those new to Philz!

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