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The “Definitely Do’s” and “Oh Hell No’s” of Concerts

Do – Make It An All Day Event
Concerts are hella fun if you do them right. Pre-game or even pre-game your pre-game, there’s absolutely no shame in dragging out the fun as long as humanly possible.

Do Not – Pre-game so hard you don’t make it to the concert
A Concert should be a night to remember, like one of those “When we were kids” moments your parents always tell after one too many glasses of wine. If you pre-game too hard, all your children will ever here was “One time I blacked out at Flume, then end.”

Do – Be that typical Coachella girl who makes a guy put her on his shoulders
For short, medium, or even tall girls; a view from someone’s shoulders turns a regular concert into a heavenly experience, just like you are floating or are 10 feet tall. 

Do Not – Throwup While On Someone’s Shoulders
It’s simple; you DO NOT want to be remembered as that one girl who got on the guy’s shoulders at Chance the Rapper and proceeded to choke on him and all the instant music enthusiasts below.

Do – Go to the Concert With you friends
Hell ya! Ever heard that something didn’t happen unless you take the picture? Well, who’s going to take a picture? Don’t be a loner and bring your friends, even if you’re embarrassed to be at a Justin Bieber Concert at 21.

Do Not – Rock the pole too hard on the party bus
Like I said, friends are perfect for taking pictures. That one time you rock the pole too hard on the party bus is that one picture that’s going to be all over social media the next morning. No one wants your slutty stripped alter-ego to dance its way into your first post-college job interview.

Do – Buy tons of merchandise crap that will make you seem ancient in like 20 years
Ya, sometimes it seems dumb or a waste of time to battle the frenzied crowd trying to snatch the last Alt-J t-shirt but believe me, it’s worth it to have that awesome tee during dead week when you start to forget you ever actually had a life.

Do Not- Bring a massive bag with you (Camel Backs Are The Exception)
No one wants to have to drag around a humungous tote, particularly at a concert. All you do it wack people all night and wake up a little lop-sided the next morning.

Do – Dress To Impress
Ya, concerts are truly about the music and the memories, but who knows who you’ll meet at a show. Maybe even Jay-Z?
Do Not – Be That Person Whose get up takes up 5 square feet around them
It’s great to love the artist you forked over a weeks worth of CREAM to see, but come on, you’re, not a billboard!

Do- Have a couple of drinks. No shame in staying hydrated.
Do Not – Be dumb with a fake ID (festivals) 
Venues always card, especially festivals, so please be smart. Enough said

Often wrong.
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