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Davin Chang ’11

Name: Davin Bert Chang

Year: 4th year

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Major: Business Administration, Music.

Campus Involvement: KALX 90.7FM, SUPERB Concerts.

Hobbies: Play viola and guitar, DJ at KALX, going to concerts, flip cup.

Greatest Cal Memory Thus Far: Studying with my best friends at Crossroads late night the nights before finals. 

Least Favorite Course Taken at Berkeley: Managerial Accounting.

Favorite Characteristics in a Girl: A girl who plays cello and loves Veronica Mars.

Best Place to Take a Date in Berkeley: Get Gregoire and have a picnic on the lawn at a concert at the Greek Theatre.

Post-Graduation Plans: Move to New York City and find a job in the music industry.

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