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Cheers to Never Saying Goodbye to Summer!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

Each school year we yearn for summer, which seems to come so late and leaves us too soon. Shopping for sunny days is so much fun and then before we know it, it’s time to put our short shorts away and pull out our sweaters, boots, and knit scarves. As we step into fall and watch the weather change, we wonder what we are going to do with the summer clothes that we bought a few short months ago.

But there’s no reason to fear the autumn breeze when you can sneak in a piece of summer clothing or accessory into your look. That floral scarf that you worry looks too “springy” or “summery” will be a great contrast to a neutral-colored sweater or a simple long sleeved shirt.

Or consider your sheer tanks that were once your summer wardrobe staple. Wear the tank underneath a chunky sweater and pair it with some great brown riding boots and gold accessories, like a statement ring.

Should the bipolar Berkeley weather strike, you can pull off your sweater or roll up your sleeves and still look pulled together. Mints and corals were so popular this past summer, and they’re really sweet and fun, so consider still popping them into your neutral color scheme. I wouldn’t really recommend mint and coral jeans as we approach the colder months, but accessories work perfectly.

The basic rule of thumb here is that as long as you have something wintery-looking to balance out the look, you’ll be good. Have fun experimenting with your looks and remember to take a little bit of summer with you wherever you go!

Elizabeth is a senior majoring in American Studies with a concentration in consumer behavior at the University of California, Berkeley. You'll find her at the pool swimming with the Cal club water polo team or running through campus training for the next half marathon. In addition to an active lifestyle, Elizabeth loves to keep up to date with the latest tech trends and is always looking for a new recipe to try out! Elizabeth hopes to pursue a career in public relations and marketing after graduation.