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Campus Celebrity: C.J. Anderson

This week’s campus celebrity is an NFL player that will playing this week in Super Bowl XLVIII: C.J. Anderson

Born in Richmond, CA, Anderson attended Bethel High School in Vallejo, Ca where he led his team to four consecutive playoff appearances.  Anderson made history at Bethel High by being the first player to be signed and play for a Pac-12 school. 

After graduating high school, Anderson attended Laney College for a while until he was drafted by the Cal Bears. He choice the number 9 jersey in honor of his friend Mike Pennerman, who died from injuries he suffered in a football game. 

While at Cal, Anderson rushed 1,135 yards and played in all 25 games that were possible for him to play after his transfer from Laney College. He majored in interdisciplinary studies in 2012. 

After graduating, Anderson took part in the 2013 NFL Combine where he ranked among the top running backs in the event. On May 1, 2013, Anderson joined the Denver Broncos as a college free agent. 


This Sunday, Anderson will be playing in the Super Bowl in New Jersey against the Seattle Seahawks who also have one of Cal’s own, Marshawn Lynch. May the best team win.

Source: http://a.fn.fncdn.com/images/content/getty/comp/P1FkzU.jpg







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