Campus Celeb: Steve Wozniak

In honor of the new Steve Jobs movie this week's Campus Celebrity is alumni Steve Wozniak

Wozniak, who is popularly known as "Woz" is most famous for co-founding Apple Inc. with the late Steve Jobs. He attended UC Berkeley first in 1970 but then later dropped out in 1971 to purse his passion for computer development. 

In 1976, Wozniak and Jobs formed the company that until today is one of the most successful companies of all time, Apple Computer Inc. During this year, Apple launched their very first computer, the Apple I. 

After the success of Apple and after getting married, Wozniak returned to Cal in 1986 to finally graduate. He earned a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS). Wozniak without doubt is one of the biggest pioneers of the 21st Century, without him and without Steve Jobs we wouldn't have the item we love the most, the iPhone. That is why we are extremely honored to name Steve Wozniak our Campus Celebrity of the week. Go Bears!!