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Campus Celeb: OSKI

Our campus celebrity for this week is none other than our favorite mascot: OSKI!! 

Standing at 5-foot-7-inches, Cal’s lovable and eccentric mascot, Oski the Bear has been roaming UC Berkeley since 1941.
Oski can be seen at rallies and games dancing around and taking picture with fans.
Did You Know? Oski is in a secret society. Indeed he is, his part of the Order of the Golden Bear with ex-chancellors and ex-Rally Committee presidents. 
Fun Fact: Oski chugs beer through a hole in his right eye (Wiki). 
Oski’s identity is kept private and it is rumored that there are multiple Oski’s. 
During the day, Oski can be seen roaming campus and taking photos with curious fans. 


Hi my name is Monica Morales and I am a sophomore at UC Berkeley. I am majoring in Media Studies and hope to one day work in television or for Vogue magazine. I love to travel and I love sports. I am currently a student ambassador for both Bobble water bottles and for sports app Fancred.
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