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The Best Things about November

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

November: the month in between Halloween and Christmas, two of the biggest holidays of the year. October is full of spooky spirit and elaborate costumes, but then comes November 1st, and everyone suddenly turns their attention to Christmas and December. Winter decorations fill the aisles of department stores, and peppermint mocha becomes everyone’s go-to drink. Everyone’s mind goes straight to the Christmas season, but what about November? People seem to forget about this little month stuck between two major holidays. Why do people seem to forget all of the cool things November has to offer? Whatever the reason may be, here is my own homage to November, a month that holds so much greatness but is too often overlooked.

1. Thanksgiving: What’s the best thing about November? Thanksgiving, duh! After the stress of midterm season, students finally get a break from school, and they get to spend it eating delicious food while surrounded by their friends, family, and loved ones. With turkey, stuffing, and of course, pumpkin pie, the Thanksgiving holiday is definitely something to be thankful for!

fall leaves
Jakob Owens

2. Daylight Savings: Who wouldn’t want an extra hour in their lives? Whether you spend it sleeping (like me) or catching up on some work, this extra hour can prove to be a life-saver after such a busy time of the year. While it may take some time to get adjusted to the time change, the extra time can be used to do anything you want!

3. Colder Fall Weather: Break out your long coats and scarves because November brings colder temperatures! Okay, so at first, this may not seem like a perk, but is there anything better than being bundled up on a cold Autumn night? Grab some hot chocolate and a significant other/pal to help you keep you warm! Plus, the sweater weather means you can finally wear those cute boots and leggings sitting in the back of your closet… and maybe add a few more chic pieces to your collection. 

Small Pumpkin In Hand
Anna Thetard / Her Campus

4. Black Friday: Dying to finally splurge on that super expensive item you’ve been eyeing for weeks? Well, there is no better time than Black Friday, when you can get expensive items for up to 70% off! You can camp out for three days or you can just make a casual trip to the mall. Either way, you will definitely save some money! Oh, and you can just wait until Cyber Monday to avoid any chaos.

5. Fall-scented Candles: During November, Bath & Body Works becomes a wonderland of fall scents, with candles and lotions with amazing scents like cranberry woods or caramel pumpkin swirl. Who wouldn’t want their home to smell like a vanilla pumpkin latte? Make sure you stock up on all of the awesome seasonal scents. 6. Pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING: From Starbucks drinks to Oreos, November brings with it a WIDE variety of pumpkin-flavored foods and drinks. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t enjoy the comforting taste of cinnamon and nutmeg, so why not add it to everything?

The Lalaboots And Leaves
Her Campus Media

These are just a few items on the LONG list of reasons why November is such an extraordinary month. Before you get caught up in the flurry of Christmas carols and festive December decorations, make sure you stop and remember to smell the pumpkin in November!

After three years at Cal, Brianna Brann graduated UC Berkeley in 2020 with a double major in Economics and Media Studies! She is originally from Santa Clarita in Southern California, but she loves the weather, nature, and people in the Bay Area. In addition to her unmatched passion for film and television, she also enjoys visiting the beach, playing with her dog, and hiking outdoors!