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Best Study Places On or Near Campus

As we begin to celebrate the fall semester slowly coming to an end, finals begin to take over our lives. As this is already a very stressful time for most of us… I’m here to make your lives much easier, because the last thing you need to worry about is where you are going to find a place to study.


The most popular place on campus to study is Moffitt. It’s almost always packed and you’ll end up walking in circles for an hour and still have nowhere to sit. So save yourself the time and try some of these places instead:


1. Cafe Blue Door: Located near the Tang Center off of Bancroft, this spacious cafe has tons of great food options and music to help you get on your grind. They have some of the best bagels here and now that it’s finally feeling like winter outside make sure to get one of their specialty drinks, the Nutella Hot Chocolate or the Cider!

2. Cafe Milano: Another popular favorite, but I’ve still found that I’m more likely to find a seat here than in Moffitt. Also has great food, and its convenient location right across from campus is an easy spot to meet up with others and form study groups.

3. Doe Memorial Library: Now if cafes aren’t really your style, try coming here! I like Doe when I really need to focus and don’t want any distraction. It’s quiet and although you can’t eat here, that sometimes helps me from getting distracted as well. It’s also so big that you should have no problem finding a spot to set up.

4. Book a room in a library on campus: I know I often forget that there are more than 30 libraries on campus because I’m always going straight to Moffitt or Doe. Use the link to search all the many libraries there are on campus and reserve a room for yourself or you and your study group, to spend some time in while preparing for finals.

5. Book a conference room: Great for big projects, online presentations, or when you just need a bigger, more private space. Check the availability of conference rooms at the link!


Now that you have multiple places to study, it’s time to get to work… Good luck on finals!


Arianna Ruiz

UC Berkeley '19

I am a graduating senior at UC Berkeley majoring in Media Studies. I'm passionate about journalism, and interested in both print and broadcast. I enjoy music festivals, Disneyland and binge watching my favorite movies/Netflix shows.
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