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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

 As a college student myself, I appreciate a cup of coffee that warms up my soul, but also gives me a nice caffeine boost to power through assignments! Here’s some of my favorite coffee spots in Berkeley! 

1. sodoi coffee tasting house

Probably my favorite coffee spot of all time, Sodoi serves delicious coffee with a wide variety of options. There’s plenty of tables and chairs for you to do assignments, and good vibes are always there. I recommend a vanilla iced latte, or, if you’re feeling spontaneous, try the red velvet iced latte. When in need of coffee, give Sodoi a try! 

2. 1951 coffee company

A coffee spot that serves its community by supporting refugees in America. As soon as you walk in, the delicious aroma of coffee hits your nose. And of course, there’s Wi-Fi and lots of tables for you to get work done! I recommend getting the lavender latte or even trying one of their mochi donuts! 

3. the hidden cafe

It truly lives up to its name, as The Hidden Cafe is somewhat further from campus, but I promise you the journey is worth it! One feeling that I get from getting coffee or doing work here, is COZY! It can be difficult to find seating, but there’s a lovely park across from the cafe. There’s many delicious pastries and drinks. I recommend the dirty chai latte and a pastry of your choice! 

4. mind coffee

If you’re ever in Northside, you have to check out Mind Coffee! It’s a simplistic shop, with a couple of seats and tables, but the drinks are delicious! The vibes of this shop are peaceful and relaxing. I highly recommend it if you ever want to just unwind for a bit. My favorite thing to get is a simple vanilla latte, hot or iced.

And remember, it’s never too late for coffee.

Melissa Ayala

UC Berkeley '26

Melissa is currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley, double majoring in History and Political Economy. In her free time, Melissa enjoys watching movies, updating her Spotify playlists, and reading a book.