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For this week's profile we decided to shine the spotlight on Amazon's new pickup location at the ASUC Student Union Center. 


Everyone has been buzzing about this new service that Amazon has installed on our campus to make our lives as students much easier. You can know order anything online and the very next day it will be waiting for you in a special locker. Only you can open that special locker with a specific code that is emailed to you once your item is ready. If you are an Amazon Student or Prime member you are eligible for free same-day pickup. Amazon has also installed a little lounge area to sit back and relax. We recommend you take some time from your busy day to check out this awesome new location on campus that will most definitely be a hotspot this semester.  Hooray for Amazon!! 

More Info: http://asucstudentunion.amazon.com/gp/campus?ie=UTF8&ref=cmps_splsh_alrdy_subd