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If you’re anything like me, you’re currently living in a double in an off-campus apartment. You probably want to be creative with the smaller space and don’t want a twin bed. But that’s the only way you and your roommate can both fit in the room, right? Wrong. Let me introduce you to the Megabed! 

My roommate and I have dubbed our bed the Megabed. The Megabed is a queen-size bunk bed—which yes, apparently they do sell those. Before you invest in a smaller bed to save space, listen to my strong case for a Megabed.

1. Spacious Bed

If you want a larger bed without sacrificing all the space in your room, a Megabed is the way to go. It takes up as much room as two twins, so you and your roommate will enjoy not feeling so confined. As someone who enjoys spending most of her free time in bed, whether it’s to watch TV or do homework, I love feeling like we each have a bigger share of our room. 

2. More Space for Furniture 

My roommate and I can both fit our desks, chairs, and dressers comfortably and still have extra space for more seating or decor. 

3. Privacy

If you think about it, you don’t see your roommate when you’re both in bed, so you get to be alone when you want. It’ll feel like the space is your own, which can be essential after a long day of classes.

4. Get Lucky With the Bottom Bunk

Okay, I hear you on one thing. No one wants to suffer the trek up the ladder to the top bunk when you’re super tired. I got lucky with a roommate who insisted on the top, so now I can roll into bed in peace and catch a snooze without the daily climb. 

5. Decorate together or apart

This might not be a positive for everyone, but sharing the same walls and side of the room will have you both coordinating what the room will look like as a whole instead of two different sides. But, because it’s a bunk bed, there is wall space next to the bed that is completely yours to decorate as well. We have posters, CDs, frames, vinyl, and tapestries as our wall decor that we chose together, and it all comes together so well. 

Whatever you choose for your room, make sure it fits what you want and need. For my roommate and I, we are so happy we invested in a Megabed because it meant we could have our own personal space but still be comfortable.

Emily Lai

UC Berkeley '24

Emily is a second year at UC Berkeley intending to major in Political Economy and History. She is from San Francisco, and is passionate about fitness, food, and politics. Emily is looking to go into a career in finance, and enjoys writing about her college life.