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9.21.1999. If you are Taiwanese, you will know this date. This date is what 9/11 is for all Americans. It was the date tragedy beyond comprehensible dawned on Taiwan, and we are only better, today, because of it. This was the day Taiwan had the biggest earthquake in local history; some even said earthquake of the decade. 7.7 Mw, thousands were killed, tens of thousands were injured, and billions of dollars worth of damage. It is known as 1999 Jiji Earthquake or 921 Earthquake. But to all Taiwanese, it’s just 921.


I remember when I was little, I kept hearing 9/11, but I was always thinking to myself: why are they getting the date wrong? Little did I know 9/11 was a terrible day for humanity as well. But that’s how important 921 was for the Taiwanese people. I may only be a few months old when this happened, but I will never forget that day. Mother nature, these days, has not been on our side as seen in Texas and Mexico. And all I can say is my thoughts are with everyone down there. Never forget. Days of tragedy only bring people closer, so never forget.


永不遺忘|Never Forget. Photo from @ruzhi_calligraphy https://www.instagram.com/p/BZVaZ2hFicu/?taken-by=ruzhi_calligraphy


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