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We’re in the final stretch! With only a couple more weeks left of the semester, summer couldn’t come any faster. Everyone is ready to take a break from the many months of hard work. While vaccines are being distributed at a much higher rate now, it’s still essential that everyone stays responsible and socially distanced. Here are some ideas to look forward to this summer while staying safe:

#1: Try out a new recipe (or make something without a recipe!)

Summer means that a whole slew of fresh produce starts coming into season: watermelon, berries, squash, tomatoes, and more goodies! This is the best time to make use of them. If you have a farmer’s market near you, give it a visit and shop for locally sourced, fresh produce. When you get home, try making something tasty! If you’re feeling adventurous, test your cooking skills by making a dish without a recipe as a fun challenge. Even if the dish doesn’t turn out how you wanted, accidents can always become unexpectedly delicious masterpieces.

#2: Read a new book

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It can be difficult to find the time to immerse yourself in a good book during the school year, so the summer is a great time to find a new favorite author or a new book series to get hooked on for the next few months. Check out Goodreads for helpful book reviews written by ordinary readers like you and discover your next read. There’s nothing better than laying outside in the warm sun with a good story in hand.

#3: Catch up with old friends (virtually of course)

Now is the opportunity to give that old friend you haven’t talked to in a while a call! Since we’ve all been holed up for so long from the pandemic, it’s been difficult to connect with people as often. It now takes some conscious effort to ensure that you stay connected in your relationships. However, that’s what makes the people in your life right now that much more special. Don’t let these obstacles stop you from checking in on your friends this summer!

#4: Rent a bike

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Not only is it a great way to exercise, but biking also lets you sightsee as you ride around. Lyft has an amazing feature where you can rent a bike for a single ride at a relatively low fare. If you’re in the Berkeley area, there are Lyft bike stations all over the city which makes bike renting so much more convenient. The next time you need to get somewhere, try biking there instead! It’s an adventure and a workout in one!

#5: Be a tourist in your own city

When you’ve grown up in a certain city all your life, it can be easy to feel like it’s just ordinary and dull. However, if you take the time to look around, you may find some hidden gems. Do some research and find a new bakery or park to visit. You may find a side to your hometown that you’ve never seen. There is nothing more satisfying than stumbling into something wonderful off the beaten path.

Heather Yuan

UC Berkeley '24

Heather Yuan is a freshman at UC Berkeley intending to major in Business Administration and Dance. Outside of school, she can be found throwing impromptu one-woman dance parties, making a mess in the kitchen, or belting her heart out to Broadway hits.
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