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15 Things COVID Has Ruined Forever

Although the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be nearing its end, there are quite a few things that can’t possibly go back to “normal.” After all, if there’s anything we should take away from a year of self-sequestering and online school, it’s that nothing is ever “normal.” Life just becomes different, and we adapt. 

Here are 15 things that we’ll never do or look at the same after the pandemic:

#1: Santa (Doubt he sanitizes between houses… just saying)

#2: Handshakes (Or at least with lots of hand sanitizer afterwards)

#3: Making out with strangers at parties (Cooties! Gross!)

#4: Birthdays (If we can no longer blow out candles, will our wishes still come true?)

#5: Sleep schedules (We’ll need to start our days earlier without the ability to sleep through or get ready during classes)

Woman laying in bed
Photo by Kinga Cichewicz from Unsplash

#6: Fashion sense (Sweatsuits all day every day)

#7: Free samples (Costco will never be the same)

#8: Coughing (There’s no way someone doesn’t look at you without fear in their eyes)

#9: TV/Movies (And being confused when actors aren’t wearing masks)

#10: Asking strangers to take your photo (Guess the self-timer will have to do)

Two women taking a selfie with face masks
Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino from Unsplash

#11: Sharing food (No matter how tempting it is…)

#12: Concerts (People. Everywhere.)

#13: Masks (You’re not just going to throw them away, are you?)

#14: Petting dogs (Sadly)

And, the big one… #15: Talking about your vaccinations (I never cared about who had the flu shot, but now the biggest topic of conversation is “Pfizer vs. Moderna?”)

Of course the pandemic has changed the economy and healthcare, but can you think of any other ways it has changed daily life?

Sydney Segal

UC Berkeley '23

Short (5'3") and sweet.
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