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Vancouver Fashion Week: Spring/Summer 2016

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UBC chapter.

Time to pull out your favourite outfit and practice your catwalk, fashion lovers, because Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 is kicking off this week!

Scheduled for September 28th to October 4th, Vancouver Fashion Week 2016 will take place at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver, located at 50 E Pender St. Vancouver.

Both established and undiscovered designers will have the opportunity to showcase their work for the Spring and Summer 2016 season. This year’s event is all about celebrating the wonderful multiculturalism, creativity, and emerging talent Vancouver has to offer. More than 70 designers from around the world will display their collections on the runway to over 30,000 eager attendees.

Vancouver Fashion Week provides a reputable platform for designers, fashion insiders, industry leaders, up-and-coming talent, media professionals, and cogent buyers to receive the international coverage they deserve.

Some of this years notable spring/summer 2016 female designers to take on the runway include Grandi’s Atelier, Ameri, Molly Elizabeth, and Allison Wonderland. Interested in seeing the full designer line up? Check it out here.

For these young, driven, female designers, Vancouver Fashion Week provides an exciting opportunity to showcase their work and get their “foot on the runway” in the fashion world. Check out a couple of them below!

Grandi’s Atelier is a former business school graduate turned fashion designer, who discovered her passion for design and tailoring craftsmanship. Her beautiful and elegant pieces are all locally hand made and tailored to the specific measurements and body type of each client. Her work is definitely worth checking out.

AMERI, a new up and coming designer from Japan, is not just Instagram famous for her outfit and lifestyle blog. She branded her own fashion concept “no rules for fashion”. Ameri believes we don’t need to be tied down with the fashion category; we just wear what we want, with our own style incorporated. Talk about inspiration.

Molly O’Brien is a sixteen (yes, sixteen) year old fashion designer who debuted her first Fall/Winter collection just last year in 2015. This year’s Molly Elizabeth collection is every teenage girl’s dream wardrobe featuring innovated, sophisticated looks with a vintage touch.

Allison Wonderland designer, Allison Smith, designs clothing for the every-day working female professional and socialite. Allison attended Kwantlen Polytechnic University and now manufactures out ofVancouver. Her goal is to create wearable pieces she and her friends would want to wear out. In addition, she launched an eco-friendly line called Pillar in 2011.

Vancouver Fashion Week opens with a gala on September 28th, 2015 at 7pm and shows begin on September 29th at 4:30pm. Don’t miss out on supporting these inspiring women and seeing this exciting week-long celebration! Purchase your tickets here.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Rebecca is a young aspiring writer who currently studies at UBC. Follow her on instagram @rkenward