UBC's Most Memorable Dates

Valentine's Day — it's super romantic, super corny, super awkward, or a mixture of all three. In honour of this crazy expectation-filled holiday, we asked UBC students for their fluffiest, funniest, nittiest, grittiest, cringiest, and all-round most memorable dating experiences.

“For the first Valentine's Day I ever celebrated with my boyfriend, I was concerned with making it perfect. We were going to go all out by dressing up, having dinner at a fancy restaurant, exchange chocolates and roses...the whole thing! But, when the day finally rolled around, we both realized we would be a lot happier and comfier just hanging out at home watching Netflix together. We traded our fabulous outfits for sweats, and ordered in pizza. Now, each Valentine's Day, we've made it a tradition to chill-out with a large pizza.”

“My boyfriend was standing against a wall, waiting for me with flowers and chocolates at the bowling alley on our first Valentines Day together. While he was waiting, a kid of about ten-years-old in a fedora walks up to him and says, ‘She stood you up didn’t she,’ to which he replied, ‘Um no she’s on her way.’ The boy then patted him on the shoulder and said, ‘Don’t worry buddy, it happens to us all,’ and walked away.”

“My friend set me up with one of her friends. He texted me and asked what I wanted to do, so I said, ‘How about dinner?’ He replied with, ‘I'll be at the library, you could come by there,’ which I took to mean that we would meet at the library and then go to dinner. I showed up at the library all dressed up, and he was already there just dressed normally. I sat down and we talked for about half an hour, at which point his phone buzzes and he checks it and says his ride is here. He told me it was nice to hang out and that we should do this again sometime, then just left. Worst date miscommunication I've had yet.”

“He took me to A&W and spoke almost exclusively in Rick and Morty quotes.” 





Photo Credits: providr.com, giphy.com