Review of 'Le Mozart Noir'

The musical show ‘Le Mozart Noir’ by EMV at 8pm in the Vancouver Playhouse on February 4th, 2017, was inspired and included musical pieces by Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier Saint-Georges, Mozart and Haydn. 

The music was as inspired as the composer, upon sitting in the plush seats of the wide theatre, you could feel the vibrations of his passion. The orchestra was exceptional, their hands moved as intricately and as delicately as I would imagine Joseph Boulogne’s did when he fenced, and when he played — thus making the show not only something beautiful and poetic to hear, but also something beautiful to watch. The sheer dedication and precision of the orchestra members blew me away, I could feel the fierceness and intensity with which they played, and this really brought the music to life, and in many ways Joseph Boulogne himself — after all, that was the point of the show. It was not only to bring to life the music, but also the composer and history behind it. It is a celebration of the life of an amazing man who did many amazing things in his life, and has much contemporary significance, since it is Black History Month. Joseph Boulogne was a half white, and half black man who fought against discrimination and adversity throughout his whole life. Through all of this he still managed to be a well rounded, and exceptional individual who went from being a master fencer to a general in the French army to a violinist and composer. All while simultaneously fighting for the abolishment of institutions such as slavery and racism. In light of recent political situations in the United States, it was refreshing to see such an important, but forgotten figure brought back to light and appreciated in such a majestic way. 


For more information on Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier Saint-Georges, you can read my preview in which I interviewed one of the violinists, Monica Hugget, here.