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Lennon Stella’s Love, me EP, track-by-track

Lennon Stella started on the TV show Nashville, but now she’s taking on L.A. with her innovative take on pop music. Here’s a guide to her brand new EP, Love, me.

“Bad”: This is the first song we heard from this project, and it’s a certified bop. The story that the lyrics tell is actually incredibly sad, but you wouldn’t think that by just listening to the melody. It was a perfect debut single as this song is a pretty good summary of the music on the EP: sad, well-written lyrics, peppy melodies, and emotive vocals. 

“Breakaway”: Stella described the moment she wrote this song as a moment she was “scared shitless” by life. At the time, her parents were separating and she was moving out on her own, she explained in an Instagram post, and this song is about how she was feeling in that moment. The chorus begins with “Everything is falling apart,” a feeling that is not unknown to most people. Stella mastered the catchy ballad with this song. 

“Feelings”: The beat of this song is the most memorable thing about it, and it starts off right away. This song is a little less emotional than the first two songs, with Stella putting on a stronger face than she did in the vulnerable opening tracks. “I don’t wanna talk about your feelings,” Stella sings in the chorus, calling out a guy for coming back a little too late.

“La Di Da”: The first lines of the song, “Some things don’t sit right / This close to midnight / There’s someone else in this light,” are a definite shift in tone and sound from the rest of the EP. But when the chorus hits, that memorable heavy beat that Stella utilizes throughout the project comes back as the hook, “Hold my ears, say la da da di da” kicks in. This is definitely one of the most interesting tracks production and lyric-wise, with a clever, almost childish spin on the idea of not wanting to hear what someone has to say.

“Fortress”: Love, me closes on a more upbeat note. “Fortress” is the only song on the EP that could be classified as an empowerment anthem, but it echoes some of the same lyrical themes of “Feelings.” This song touches on a lot of the vulnerability that Stella signs about throughout the EP, but puts a positive spin on that hurt, showing how it’s built her up to be stronger than she was before. 

Listen to Love, me here

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