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Summer is just around the corner and that means four months off for university students! While some of us might have summer plans made already, such as a summer job/internship or a backpacking trip around Europe, a lot of us probably still haven’t planned out our summer. Here’s a list of six summer plan ideas:

1) Get a job

A summer job can help you afford all the summer activities you’re going to do and can help you save up money for the school year!

2) Travel/vacation

The summer is the perfect time to go traveling! Whether it be to the sunny beaches of Hawaii, backpacking in Europe, or a road trip with your friends, the summer is a time to see new things and explore.

3) Take up a hobby

It’s difficult to take up a new hobby during the school year, due to courses and tight schedules. You can use this summer to try new things and find out what you’re interested in! 

4) Exercise

Taking care of your health is always important. Exercise and get fit this summer and set up challenges and goals for yourself to motivate you!

5) Start a blog

If you find yourself bored over the summer, start a blog! Whether it be just photos or a log of what you did that day, a blog is a great way to grow your creativity and get you productive. It’ll also be nice to look at your blog after and remember all the things you’ve done in the summer.

6) Volunteer

Why not use your free time to volunteer in your community? There are many volunteer opportunities that can relate to your skill sets or even your major. You can volunteer at many places such as a hospital, senior home, charities, schools, etc. Volunteering is a great way to gain valuable experience while helping your community.

Enjoy the summer-you deserve it! 

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Emma is a fourth year student, majoring in Sociology w/ a minor in Environmental Studies. She aspires to be a travel & lifestyle editor and enjoys any drink with mint and lime.
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