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Introvert with Extrovert Tendencies or Extrovert with Introvert Tendencies? 

We all have an idea of ourselves as being either an extrovert or an introvert. I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs test in the past and present and my results have been either just barely more introvert than extrovert or just barely more extrovert than introvert. More recently, my results have been exactly in between. To be honest, though, it depends on a combination of my mood, where I am, and who I’m with.

Here are some aspects to my different sides:


I spent most of my holiday break alone. And I didn’t tell you to elicit sympathy, because it was my decision.

I like me and all my things to have their own space.

I tend to over-think and analyze many aspects of my life but that doesn’t necessarily make me complicated.

I may be more of a listener but that doesn’t mean I don’t have much to say.

I feel every emotion deeply.

Depending on the social activity I was doing, not the amount of time, I generally have to recharge and can become exhausted from constant interaction.

I cancel not because I’m flaky. I genuinely was excited when I made plans to hang out with you. But when the time came, something better didn’t come along, I just no longer felt a desire to be sociable. But I will make the effort to make it up to you. 

I sometimes get insomnia when I’m consumed by my thoughts. 

Through alone time, I’ve learned more about myself and have conditioned myself not to depend on others to be happy.

Although I can’t always avoid it, I hate small talk. I have no interest in discussing the weather, grades, or what you ate for lunch. I want to know about your fears, dreams, and flaws.

I frequently daydream about scenarios that I wish would become realities.

I’m not necessarily lonely just because I’m alone and I’m not necessarily shy if I’m being quiet. 


There are periods of time when I can’t stand being alone and will reach out to almost anyone I know.

Other’s behavior can rub off on me as I tend to feed off the energy of others.

I love getting to know new people and am pretty comfortable in a room full of strangers. 

I find almost anything exciting and interesting.

I don’t find silences awkward. In fact, the less awkward they are, the closer I probably am to you. 

I like a good mix of large gatherings and quiet nights on Netflix. 

I believe in balanced relationships where both people put in effort.

While certain topics of conversation are reserved for those I’m closest to, I like to consider myself pretty open.

Sometimes, I will force myself to go out and will usually end up glad that I did.

I prefer calls to texts as I don’t think there is as much emotion with written communication.

I will relate better to and am generally more comfortable with those who share my culture, but I prefer to surround myself with a diverse group of people. 


Although people claim to be either an introvert or an extrovert, I believe the majority of us are in between and that it’s unnecessary to label ourselves. We must remember that neither is less or more desirable than another and we should all try not to stereotype or assume. So what am I? I’m just a girl who values time with herself as well as with others. 

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