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Dating can be an awkward experience. Your date may have bad breath, you could spill something on yourself, or your Mom could be trying to call you just when things were starting to go well. Anyone who’s ever experienced the dating scene has definitely gone on at least one bad date and they’re probably lying if they tell you otherwise. Some of our writers at HCUBC have owned up to some of those awkward dating experiences:

“I met up with this guy I met on Tinder, and we had been talking for a few days. He seemed pretty nice and no red flags came up at all. Ten minutes into our date, he was ranting about his crazy grandparents and how terrible his other dates had been. I was trying to be open and friendly, but an hour or so into the date we were walking towards the Burrard bridge and I mean under the bridge. At that point I was wondering how the hell I was going to get home, but mainly if this guy was going to murder me or not. Safe to say there was no second date.” – Burrard Bae-less

“Once upon a time, in high school, I was on a date with a really nice guy. The night went well, and by the end, we were making out in a car in an empty parking lot (such typical, much high school). But, all of a sudden, we were surprised by a huge light that was flashing into the car. We look up and realize that a car has parked perpendicular to our car for the sole purpose of watching us. So creepy! Long story short, we started the car as fast as we could and never returned to that parking lot. What a way to end a date.” – Deer in the Headlights

“I had been seeing this guy for awhile, but we decided to go on our first official date. It was the perfect day: late May, sun shining, and the early signs that summer was approaching. We decided to go to the wharf in our hometown because it was the right mix of romantic, outdoorsy, and evaded awkward silences because there was always something to look at. We were walking along the boardwalk, laughing and holding hands, when we stopped and turned to look at the water. He put his arm around me, and I knew he wanted to kiss me. Just as I was about to turn to him, we noticed a Heron stalking something near the shore. Suddenly, the Heron grabs a large, live mouse from under a rock, swallows it whole, and saunters away. Needless to say, the romantic mood was immediately killed. Thanks a lot Mother Nature.” – Natural Attraction  

“I had agreed to meet this guy that I had matched with on Tinder for a coffee date. He showed up late because of traffic, but he was apologetic and seemed nice enough. Once we had gotten our coffees and sat down things started to go badly. He wasn’t much of a conversationalist, but one thing that he always seemed to bring up was his past relationship. Yikes. After only half an hour I was trying to come up with an excuse to leave, but a phone call from his father had alerted him that something had gone wrong with the plumbing in their bathroom that they were renovating. He said he would call me to reschedule, but I never heard from him again.” – Flushed Expectations

Have you ever been on an awkward date? Tell us about it in 3 words, and enter for a chance to win tickets to the advanced screening of Fist Fight, starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day, by commenting on this Instagram post. We hope your dating luck is better than ours! 


Kailynn studies English Literature and Film Studies at UBC. Her studies are also her passions and she can never finish a novel or televison series before starting a new one. She's currently working on her own writing projects and hopes to publish a novel and develop a feature film screen play in the future! Aside from her love of writing, she also loves to travel - even if it's just a weekend at the lake. You'll most likely find her in one of the library basement's or in line for coffee on campus, but you can always find her on twitter! 
Kelly is a UBC student studying microbiology and nutrition. She is a strong supporter for girls and women in STEM fields, and loves all things health and fitness - despite her lack of athleticism. You'll most likely find her on campus or around the city with her earbuds in. Aside from being a big foodie and travel enthusiast, she enjoys discussing anything related to pop-culture, social media, or public health!Find her on Twitter.
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