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HC UBC Profile: The Infamous Black Cat

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UBC chapter.

With Hallowe’en fast approaching, HC UBC decided to reach out to one of the icons of the Hallowe’en season: the Black Cat. Read on to learn our resident kitty’s opinions on bad luck, the Plague, and college girl costumes.

HC UBC: Let’s address the burning question: do you actually cause bad luck?

Black Cat: Believe me, the only bad luck you’ll be getting is the vengeance I’ll rain down on you if you believe such silly stuff.

HC UBC: Why do people associate black cats with bad luck?

BC: It all came to a head with the Black Plague. People decided ‘Hey! That cat looks sneaky. Let’s blame him and all his peeps for this nasty disease.’ Well guess what? It was the rats, buddy. And who was hunting those rats? Yeah, us. You humans just made things worse for yourselves when you decided to blame us.

HC UBC: How does it feel when people avoid you because of these superstitions?

BC: Hey, with all the people avoiding my path, I have the whole street to myself; which is, of course, as it should be.

HC UBC: How do you approach safety during the Hallowe’en season?

BC: There’s always the danger that a small child will decide that they NEED NEED NEED a sleek black kitty cat to complete their hallowe’en costume, so I try to steer clear of the ones that look too eager to pet me.

HC UBC: What’s the best thing about being a black cat at Hallowe’en?

BC: I think we really lend to the aesthetic of the night. Sure, you may not see a REAL ghost or a REAL vampire (even if they might see you), but if you see a real life black cat on Hallowe’en, it kind of keeps the excitement of the night alive. Plus our reflective eyes scare the dickens outta people late at night. It’s hilarious.

HC UBC: What do you think about all the girls go-to costume being a “sexy kitty”?

BC: Scoffs. Please, there’s nobody as sleek and svelte as moi. Those posers shouldn’t even try to match me.


So UBC, if there’s one thing you remember this Hallowe’en, make it this: if you want to wear a little black dress with a cat ear headband and call yourself a feline then go for it, just remember that the cats will be judging you.


Photo credit: findcatnames.com


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