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8 Ways to Channel Beyoncé this NYE

The end of 2013 is just around the corner, and we’re just sitting here wondering… did anything actually happen this year before Beyoncé dropped? Yeah, we don’t remember either.

Ever since she punched the world in the face with her surprise visual album this Friday, everyone on the internet has literally bowed down to Queen B like a bunch of feudal peasants. Apparently, she’s even more newsworthy than the Pope. So if Beyonce is more powerful than the Pope, does that make her God? So many questions.

What with her takeover of 2013, (just when we thought Miley was going to be the most important female in pop music this year…) what would be more appropriate than channelling Yonce this New Years Eve? Let’s face it, you don’t have an outfit yet, and you can’t spell Beyonce without NYE… and a bunch of other letters.

Here are 8 flawless outfits inspired by our favourite moments from the visual album. 

1.  That time Beyoncé wore a mask and still looked beautiful 

Dress: Zara, Headband: Top Shop, Shoes: Zara

Rock sparkly metallics with black accessories to channel this look from “Partition.” 

2.   That time Beyoncé was in a pageant hosted by Harvey Keitel for some reason

 Dress: NastyGal, Tiara hair-piece: Top Shop

If you’re prepared to get fancy this New Years, try this ultra-glam gown with pageant accessories inspired by “Pretty Hurts.”

3. That time Beyoncé told us that she sneezed on a beat and it made complete sense 

 Dress: Forever21, Romper: Top Shop, Fur Coat: Zara, Fur Stole: Top Shop

Pair a little red number with fur accessories to create a “Yonce” inspired outfit.

4. That time Beyoncé was ‘jealous’ even though she looks LIKE THIS:

 Dress: Top Shop, Shoes: H&M, Ear Cuff: Urban Outfitters 

Since not all of us can pull off a corset, try lace details and a gold ear cuff to match this moment from the video “Jealous.”

5. That time Beyoncé wore orange lipstick and everyone was OK with it

 Purple Dress: American Apparel, Pink Dress: Top Shop, Shoes: Zara TRF

Have fun with these bright neon bodycon dresses and cool sneakers, inspired by the video “Blow.”

6. That time Beyoncé hung out with a dog while wearing fur and nobody asked questions 

Dress: NastyGal, Fur coat: Top Shop, Shoes: Zara

Make a statement by wearing all white from head to toe like B does in “No Angel.” 
7. That time Beyoncé just wore a bunch of scarves and a wind machine and everyone cried with joy 

 Dress (left): Top Shop, Dress (right): H&M, Accessories: Zara

Try black drapery and bold accessories for a more subtle take on the video “Ghost.” 

8. That time we all wanted Beyoncé to be our boss

Blazer: Zara, Leather pants: H&M, Dress: Top Shop, Bow Tie: American Apparel

Go for a full-on suit or a collared dress to achieve this look from “Haunted.” 

We wish you the best of luck in channeling your inner Sasha Fierce this New Years!

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