6 VIDF Performances You Don't Want to Miss

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It's March, and that means it's time for Vancouver International Dance Festival 2018. From Match 1st to 24th, VIDF will be offering an array of activities, workshops, and of course performances from internationally-acclaimed artists. This year's lineup will feature artists from abroad as well as homegrown Vancouver specialists. With this much talent, there's something for everyone. Here's six unmissable VIDF performances you should definitely check out.

1) Folding and Rite of Spring
Shen Wei Dance Arts (New York)

Where: Vancouver Playhouse

When: March 2 - 3 at 8pm

Widely celebrated for their mesmerizing movement, striking beauty and elegant expression, Shen Wei Dance Arts will perform two entrancing pieces by Artistic Director and Choreographer Shen Wei: Folding and Rite of Spring.

2) RIFTpataSola dance (Vancouver)

Where: KW Production Studio 

When: March 22 - 24 at 5pm

Through Flamenco-Butoh fusion, pataSola dance draws from myth and legend to create RIFT, an emtion-driven illustration of women's pain and awareness in response to gender violence around the globe.


3) Hindsight, Sinking SuZi, and Engage the Feeling ArmsEDAM (Vancouver)

Roundhouse Performance Centre, March 8 to 10, 8pm

Take in a timeline of EDAM’s Artistic Director Peter Bingham's creative career through three unforgettable performances: Hindsight (originally created in 1995) featuring dancers Kelly McInnes and Olivia Shaffer, Sinking SuZi (Originally commissioned by Ziyian Kwan in 2002) featuring Kwan herself, and Engage the Feeling Arms (current work) performed by Walter Kubanek, Diego Romero and Olivia Shaffer.


4) iyouuswe - White Wave Dance Company (New York)

Where: Roundhouse Performance Centre

When: March 15 to 17, 8pm

Here for its Canadian premiere, iyouuswe features nine dazzling dancers of the White Wave Dance Company in an uninterrupted 65-minute journey finding the self in a collective.

5)  Les Choses dernières - Lucie Grégoire Danse (Montreal)

Where: Roundhouse Performance Centre

When: March 20 - 22 at 8pm

Inspired by Paul Auster’s novel In the Country of Last Things, dancer Isabelle Poirier will perform in this remount, bringing to the stage an ethereal performance that promises to transport the audience through a world of night. 

6) Estudios y Fragmentos Sobre el Sueño (Studies and Fragments on Dreams)Compañía de Danza Experimental de Lola Lince (Mexico)

Roundhouse Performance Centre, March 23 & 24, 8pm Choreographed by Natsu Nakajima and Lola Lince, Estudiy Fragmentos Sobre el Sueño draws on dreams to compare all things opposite yet related; light and shadow, night and day, northern and southern hemispheres, wakefulness and sleep. 


Make sure to check out a few of these unforgettable performances happening this month all around Vancouver. For tickets and more event information, please visit vidf.ca.





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