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5 Badass Women In Pop Music You May Not Know, But Should

Turn on pop radio, and you’ll easily hear superstars like Taylor Swift and Beyonce within ten minutes. But female representation in popular music doesn’t end at those two. Under the surface of mainstream radio are thousands of incredible women making stellar pop music. Here are five you should know:


You may know her from the TV show “Nashville”, but Stella’s music couldn’t be further from the genre Music City is known for. The nineteen-year-old has embraced pop, but has brought some of the lyrics of country music into her infectious sound. Listen to “Bad” for a breakup jam, and the acoustic version of “Like Everybody Else” for a hint into the more emotional side of Stella’s music.

Key tracks: “Bad,” “Like Everybody Else”



Only 18 years old, and Los Angeles-born Charlotte Lawrence already has an impressive discography. Her range of music is astounding. The haunting piano-driven “Everybody Loves You” hints at some sort of negative interaction with a man that everybody loves. But “Stole Your Car,” her most recent release, reverts back to that addicting pop music that brought her into the music industry. For a little taste of everything that constitutes as pop music, listen to Lawrence.

Key tracks: “Stole Your Car,” “I Bet



Buono hasn’t released music since 2017, but her existing collection is fire. She broke out onto the pop scene in early 2017 with “Technically Single,” an ode to girls who are “technically single, emotionally unavailable.” Buono’s take on pop relies heavily on tropical house beats and vocal layers — a perfect pairing with her sweet soprano. More recent releases include the acoustic-based “Who Am I” and the euphoric “Something About You.”

Key tracks: “Technically Single,” “Something About You”



British songwriter Lauren Aquilina officially announced her retirement from being an artist two years ago and threw herself into being a songwriter. Luckily for us, she went back on her word and released a new song two weeks ago titled “Psycho.” Check out her debut album “Isn’t It Strange?” for a compelling compilation of songs ranging from bangers like “Kicks” to slower, more chill songs like “Ocean.”

Key tracks: “Psycho,” “Kicks”



For a full bubblegum pop experience, listen to Cali Rodi. Her music feels like an updated version of Katy Perry’s golden years, with lyrics that play around with sounds and puns in the way that Perry did at her best. Girl power is a resounding theme in Rodi’s work. “Party Favor” calls out a man for his expectation that she would go home with him, and “Cake” sets expectations on how men should treat women. A very uptempo, fun lesson in feminism.

Key tracks: “Party Favor,” “Cake”


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