3 Series to Watch on Netflix

We all know how difficult it can be to find a good show on Netflix. Most of the time, you end up spending so long scrolling through the seemingly endless options that by the time you find something that looks decent, you end up falling asleep before the theme song ends. If you're like me and spend way too much time watching TV while you should be doing homework, then you've probably already seen all of the classics-Stranger Things, Greys Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Suits, etc.-and are desperate for something new. So, here are three series on Netflix worth watching: 

1. Mindhunter 

With only ten episodes released thus far, this crime thriller based in the 1970's will make you rethink everything you knew about serial killers. Think of it as the parent to Criminal Minds as it follows the story of two FBI agents interviewing some of the worst killers to walk the earth before the BAU existed. Warning: it is incredibly disturbing and not for the faint of heart. 

2. Grace and Frankie 

This hilarious comedy drama follows the story of two women with very little in common who are forced to live together after their husbands cheat on them with each other. The women embark on endless silly adventures, cope with heartbreak, and show that no matter how old you may be, it's never too late to start over. 

3. The Good Wife 

If you like shows about lawyers and badass women, then you'll love The Good Wife. The story follows Alicia Florrick, the wife of a State Attorney who is in jail for political corruption in the wake of a series of sex scandals, who is forced to go back to work as lawyer to support her two children. 

I hope that this short list gave you at least one new show to binge while avoiding your homework-happy procrastinating! 


All images taken from google images.