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3 Classic Fall Trends In Style Right Now

If you have the time to study, you have time to look presentable.

Sick and tired of looking like you have left a shady bar with ethanol seeping out of your pores after pulling an all-nighter for that insufferably intricate exam (Operative association: GATEMAN)? Well, here’s a tip. For every hour you spend studying, take a break. No, really. This may be a fashion piece, but let’s hit two birds with one stone, shall we? During your short break, walk two feet to your closet – it’s not that hard to do – and pick out a few pieces to wear for your own sense of fashion spirituality while harmonizing with Vancouver’s idea of “fall”. Bust out those colors and fashionable pieces you tucked away for that one day. Don’t neglect them!

I have some personal picks to share with you, and while high-end designers have created the most beautiful of the bunch, there ARE some that can fit your broke college student budget (if you save money instead of spending it drowning your academic sorrows at The Pit or The Gallery). The best part? They are both current fall trends right now and actually classic pieces too. Yes, you can have both right now!

1. OVERSIZE, Oversize, Oversize

So you decided to stuff your face with turkey and mashed potatoes this past Thanksgiving and gained a few pounds. So what? Who cares if your love handles are peeping out of the jeans you can barely button up, when you can disguise them fashionably with these coats from Zara? This is a timeless trend, so the best part about it is that you don’t have to worry about spending money on something that will go out of style the next year. This is always a good piece to have, there are many variations and brands that carry this kind of thing. For instance, last year H&M collaborated with Maison Martin Margiela for oversized coats. Keep an eye out for these collaboration gems this season (cough Isabel Marant cough)! 

Woollen Wraparound Coat, $159 at Zara

Oversize Double Breasted Coat in Red/Navy, $159 at Zara

2. You’re Not On a Farm – Stop Wearing Your Swamp Wellies!

I am merely here to reinforce, reiterate and repeat this very, very passionately: I know that black rain boots are a favourite amongst students at UBC, especially since it rains here 8/12 months of the year – but how about you ditch the tedious gumbo boots and pick something a bit more stylish? Something with a heel, so that the oversized coat doesn’t look painfully awkward on your short frame. Chelsea rainboots. Get them. They are very affordable and very stylish, and you can pretty much wear them if it is raining or not (or if you’re unsure because of the spontaneous onslaught of rain despite it being sunny in the past…We all learn from our mistakes, though).

Hunter has Chelsea Rain boots, as does Jeffrey Campbell:

Jeffrey Campbell Forecast Rain Boot, $70 at Urban Outfitters

Take a look at these Diane von Furstenberg rain boots, though. Aren’t they just perfect? Out of all the I’ve mentioned, these ones are my favourite. We can only dream!

Diane von Furstenberg Rain Boots in Black, $155 at StyleBop

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Wear Bright Colours 

Here’s the thing. I don’t like colours. I don’t wear colours. I do, however, encourage you people who actually like the colour spectrum to be daring with your fall choices. I personally look better in achromatic or monochromatic dark hues, but I can be open minded, right? I mean, just look at this piece from Topshop’s Unique collection at London Fashion Week 2013 – it speaks for itself:

Gush over more pieces from the Topshop Unique Collection here!

A more affordable version of the coat above is this cute coat from Forever 21:

Belted Broad Collar Coat in Tan, $57.80 at Forever 21

Feeling a tad bit more daring? Gear up for the festive season with a red coat!

Collarless Button Front Coat in Red, $111.59 at ASOS

This season for me is really all about power. It has always been about power, though, hasn’t it? Winter brings out the bold, sharp, well-tailored pieces of clothing begging to be put into our carts to make us look and be more confident. This season is a time to be bold and daring! So get out there, and catwalk your academic sorrows away.   

What's there to really say...I am a 3rd year Psychology major with a passion in judging people based off of what they wear. I'm just kidding. Sort of. I'm pretty much obsessed with androgynous, sharp tailored, achromatic/dark monochrome, edgy clothing. No, I'm not talking about tumblr "edge", sorry to all of you tumblr fashionistas, i'm talking about Erin O'Connor via The Face UK type of extravaganza. What can I say? It must just be the ferocious Arab in me.
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