Isn’t She a Cutie? Say Hi to Ashley Carter

Baltimore isn’t just a beautiful city. It’s filled with tons of beautiful people, too! Meet our very first Campus Cutie, Ashley Carter. This lovely lady shares a few fun facts about herself and even a few beauty tips, too.

Name: Ashley Carter

Relationship status: single

Year in school: freshman

Major: undecided

Where are you from? “Baltimore, Maryland! Hometown girl.”

What do you look for in a friend? “In a friend I look for honesty, personality and loyalty.”

Who or what inspired you to decide to go to college? “My Aunt Pinky inspired me. She went to college, graduated, and now she is only 26 years old and has been the producer for the Maury Show for almost two years!”

What do you do for fun? “For fun I shop. I love being at the mall and looking at all the new styles. Can’t wait for sunglass weather.”

What's the best thing you've ever done for someone? “The best thing I’ve ever done for someone else is agreeing to help take care of my godfather when he was sick. I went to see him at the hospital everyday.”

What’s your favorite color? “Blue! It’s my favorite color to get on my nails, and it happens to be our school color.”

What's animal best represents you? “Something that represents me? Definitely a cat because I am very poised and prissy.”

When is your birthday? “My birthday is February 16. Aquarius nation!”

What is your routine for getting ready for a school day? “My everyday beauty routine starts with picking out three different outfits that I may want to wear for the day. Then I shower, put on my clothes, brush my teeth and put on makeup. On good days a full face. On a normal day you’ll see me in just mascara and lipstick. I always wear lipstick and keep my hair done.”

What's something you feel like you cannot go a day without? “I cannot go a day without my phone.”

Would you rather spend a $1 million on an outfit or just look like you spent that much? “I would much rather look like I spent $1 million on an outfit than to actually do it. If you have a good sense of style, then you can make anything look awesome.”

What is your favorite childhood memory? “Definitely the time I went to Jamaica for two weeks with my dad and I cried because I missed my mom so much!”

What is something you believe in whole-heartedly? “I strongly believe that you have control over every situation in your life.”

If you could live anywhere in the universe where would you live and why? “If I could live anywhere in the universe it would be New York. I love New York, and I feel like I belong every time I go.”

How do you define perfection? “To me, perfection is a perfectly lined and filled in lip (lip liner and lipstick).”

What advice would you give to new girls on UB campus? “My advice is to keep focus, always stay on track and be cute while doing it.”