Your Life Matters TOO!


In life we find ourselves comparing our lives to others. “Be honest you probably; didn't say it, but you were thinking it.” Everything was going great that day, until you logged in to your social media accounts and started browsing down your TL (timeline) and started to see the pictures and videos that your followers posted about their happy life. You know the new house, engagement, graduating, new car, new job, vacations etc.… yea… Do you see where I’m going with this? As you can see, when those moments happen, you find yourself saying, “I wish, I wish….” You wish what? That you had that new car, new job, new house, ect… yea… ok NOW do you see where I’m going with this? We should appreciate what we have and work towards the things we want; being bitter is not the way. Wishing to have someone else's life or the material items they have isn't good; set goals that gear towards your life and improvements. Never compare, just be a better you.

Focusing on what you have

The same energy you use to compare your life to others can be used to motivate yourself to improve areas in your life that you might want to change. Ok! You've seen that one follower that worked on their weight loss journey and the results were impressive and you start to down yourself because you have struggled with your weight or made the wrong health choices. This is where motivation kicks in, use that progress that you were impressed by and work with the skin you are in until you can change it. Don’t beat yourself up about what someone else might look like or what their life might seem to be. Maybe strolling on their social media account to see the workouts that helped them with their journey or the healthy food choices they made could help.

That follower might just inspire you on your next weight loss journey. Until you can improve the things you want to change about yourself, you must love the skin you are in. If not, then that could put you in a place of sadness and lead to a bitter feeling about other people’s accomplishments. Then we will be back at square one, you comparing your life to others again and not liking the life you have. Besides your beautiful anyways, change for you and only you. Being healthy is always a great choice. 

Say NO! To Bitterness and Jealousy

Keri Hilson taught us that jealousy is the ugliest trait, which is true. Ash [ the author of this article, who’s talking to you right now, get where I’m going with this…] says that being jealous and bitter is the most “UGLIEST TRAIT”. Didn't mean to yell, but I had to put emphasis on this. Bitterness and jealousy are two traits that creates hate and you wouldn't want to be labeled as a hater, right? You have followers that are having these incredible things occurring in their life, something like getting engaged, taking vacations, buying a new house ect…. To you that is the most amazing thing; and once again you feel like, everybody is accomplishing goals besides you! Yea... so, what? You saw couples down your timeline getting engaged before you.  Feeling salty? That’s how a pot of bitterness and jealousy is formed, you start hating everything people post online pertaining to the things that you don’t have. Then you feel like you are not where you want to be in life yet. Listen, trust the process. Everything that you have worked hard for and prayed for will all come together. Do you want to be the bitter and jealous friend that hates watching “Say Yes to the DRESS”, because you are not getting married yet? I understand we all might not like that show (I don’t like the show, only because I don’t like to shop) but don’t hate the show because you are feeling some type of way about marriage. You will one day meet the person that is for you and don’t think when you finally meet them that everything will be all golden. Life will still happen, everything that looks good is not always good. Being passionate is always a process that develops growth within you, worth waiting for should ring a bell. Be happy for others and their life experiences while you are appreciating your life.   



Never Compare Be a Better You

I’m no doctor, but everything starts with the mind or thinking process, which means you must get your thoughts right and think about positive outcomes instead of dwelling on what you may not have now. Focusing on you and balancing your life out can help you grow on so many levels. I believe the most breath-taking moments happen when you least expect it to happen. Do you remember a blessing that came out of know where? That blessing was just for you with your name on it, because it showed up on time without you focusing on it or stressing about it. The universe is alive and destiny lives! Calm down, relax, your life might seem like a scattered puzzle set, but one day all those pieces will fall into place that describes your patience for your life to blossom. Use those posts that you see online for encouragement, learning lessons, and motivation all in a good way. This will keep you at peace with appreciating your life, saying no to bitter and jealousy, and comparing your life to others. Instead you are going to better yourself in areas that you will like to change.     


Maybe this won't help, but if this is the case deactivate your social media accounts and focus on you!