Why Steve Harrington is the Best Character in Stranger Things 2

Yes, in season 1 of Stranger Things Steve Harrington was not the best. In fact, he was very selfish and the definition of an arrogant jerk. While he warmed up towards the end of the season, he still wasn't liked very much.  

      ***WARNING: spoilers ahead***

Stranger Things 2 was released on Netflix this past Friday and, like the rest of the world, I binge-watched it. Each character played a deeper role in this season than the last, but the one character that stood out and showed the most development was Steve Harrington. Here are just a few moments in season 2 that made us all appreciate Steve: 

1. When he goes to say sorry to Nancy even though she's the one that should be apologizing to him after the Halloween party.  

2. When he takes and helps Dustin try to find Dart since none of Dustin's friends are around. 

3. When he gives Dustin advice on how to get girls and how to fix his hair. 

4. When he stays behind to "babysit" and protect the kids. 

5. When he helps the kids defeat the demodogs in the roots of Hawkins.

Steve is incredible in this season and I can't wait to see how he continues to develop in the following seasons.