What Girls Really Want on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to eat all the desserts you can imagine and binge Netflix all night! Believe it or not, all ladies(well.... maybe the majority) want the simple things on Valentine’s Day. You know why, because no one wants to be given the extraordinary ONLY on holidays. We should be treated amazing everyday. Here are the simple things us ladies want on Valentine’s Day. Guys, this one is especially for y’all.


ANY KIND OF DESSERT. I promise you can’t go wrong.... unless it’s something we’re allergic to or just don’t like. But really you can’t go wrong.

FLOWERS. Pls don’t just get roses because they’re red & you think you should get those because it’s V-Day. If she has a favorite flower and you always hear her obsessing over a specific type..... GET THAT KIND.

CHOCOLATE. Oh, but you already said “desserts”? Don’t ask questions. Just get the chocolate.

A TEDDY BEAR. I promise it doesn’t have to be a huge one.... but that’s a plus.

TO TELL HER HOW YOU REALLY FEEL. Don’t put on a front. We’ll know.

YOUR TIME. Honestly, we really don’t care what you give us for Valentine’s Day(that’s just a plus) ALL we really want is to spend quality time with you. Whether that’s dinner at y’all’s favorite restaurant, a movie, or just time at home together it really doesn’t matter. We just want your time & for you to not complain when we want to do something you think is dumb or a waste of time.

There you have it. The real about what girls really want for Valentine’s Day. I hope this helps someone who’s struggling on deciding what to buy. Just remember, it’s honestly not about what you buy, it’s the thought and your time is all she wants.