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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UAB chapter.

Climate change and global warming are two of the most important issues that we face, so being environmentally friendly could help save the earth in the long run. One way to be environmentally conscious is to crush plastic bottles when you don’t have access to recycling. This allows them to take up less space in landfills. Another way to reduce waste is to use reusable plastic bags for your groceries. This reduces the amount of plastic that goes to landfills and gives you a more secure way of carrying groceries.

If you aren’t the type to use reusable bags try repurposing your plastic bags for different things such as trash bags, shower caps, etc. One major way to be be friendly towards the environment is by reducing usage of plastic water bottles some great alternatives can be reusable water bottles and Brita filters. Carpooling can drastically reduce car emissions, giving us better, cleaner air. And recycling anything you possibly can can make an huge difference in the amount of items we send to landfills.

There are plenty of ways to be environmentally conscious that don’t interfere with your normal routine. These are small things that can make a big impact if everyone decided to be more conscious of how we treat the earth. Action must start now to save the only planet we know.

My name is Dominique and I'm very passionate about recycling.