Things We All Hate About Group Work

I understand the need to master the skill of working and collaborating with others, but you can’t deny that annoying feeling that develops in your gut as your professor explains that 40% of your grade will be based off of a group project. Great.  

1)Finding a time to meet seems almost impossible.

Everyone is busy, and everyone leads different lives. It’s not uncommon to be in a group with someone who works full-time. On top of that, nowadays it seems almost every class requires group work. You find yourself trying to manage your time between multiple groups. Even when you finally settle on a meeting time, someone forgets and others show up 30 minutes late. What’s worse is during the meeting nothing actually gets accomplished, and you just plan to meet later.

2)Having to deal with the slacker.

This person in the group literally lives by “due tomorrow = do tomorrow”. Sometimes the slacker may conceal themselves as being super excited for the work only to end up NEVER responding to emails, Canvas notifications, or Groupme. Slackers never do what they say they will and come unprepared to meetings. When you think they’ve gone ghost, they magically appear on presentation day. Good magic trick.

3)Usually one person does majority of the work.

That one person ends up being you. Half of the group seems to not care or accept the loss, but not you. You are determined to finish the project no matter what.

4)Having something worth 40% of your grade rely on others.

As mentioned above, the process of group work is a tiring and annoying one, and the idea that almost half of your grade is riding on it is cringe worthy.