Spring 2019 Must Have Bops

Jordan JaDella Smith

Finding the right playlist can be tricky and time-consuming. Well, gather round I have taken that liberty to do it for you. With this playlist, you and your friends won't stop listening. You will know every lyric, and when you walk in the club, you can lean over and say "this is my jam."

1.) Thank u, next

Ariana Grande


Ariana will have you calling all of your exes letting them know that, yes, they wasted your time but you care about yourself more now. 

2.) Please Me

Cardi B and Bruno Mars


Cardi B and Bruno Mars are back with another duo killing the charts once again.This is a nice song to play after a hot date with your man. *sips tea*

3.) Middle Child

J Cole


J Cole left the scene and came back with this fire hit! He let everybody know that he has been in his bag and he is far from quitting on his goals. Let them know J!

4.) Girls Need Love Remix

Summer Walker and Drake


Okay. Let's just say Drake knew what he was doing when he remixed this song. His voice, those lyrics, and Summer's command that girls indeed need.. *back to the scheduled program- moving on..*

5.) Wow 

Post Malone



Post's new style in Wow is very flavory, if that is a word. Wow will be on repeat for the spring and summer. This is a must have for your playlist. 

6.) Thotiana 




Thotiana is definitely a bop. Blueface has had several remixes to his hit. "Bust down thotiana!" Add to your playlist right now. What are you doing?

7.) Going Bad

Drake and Meek Mill



Going Bad has a very catchy beat, a nice lyrical flow, and if you're in need for some Instagram captions this is the song. 

8.) Twerk 

City Girls



Whew chile. If you haven't heard this song where have you been? I'm sure you have been "flewed out" yet.

9). 7 Rings 

Ariana Grande


We are in college, right? Ariana will have you feeling like you have 1 million dollars in your checking account, but we both know the dollar menu and your tuition is calling your name.

10.) Quarter Milli

Offset and Gucci Mane


Offset and Gucci Mane's video to this song is very iconic. A plus for creativity. On the other hand, the style of the lyrics is very much the same as a typical Migos song. I like it. It's a bop. 

11.) Major

Young Dolph and Key Glock


Ok. Let's talk serious. Why did Dolph go oawf like he did in this video? I mean he left me speechless. Dolph and Gucci Mane are both hits in the rap game, it is a def must to have the both on your playlist, periodt. 

12.) Red Room



Offset in this song showed a level of lyrical expertise. Offset used his talents to reflect on his past experiences and the appreciation of the trails to have made him a successful rapper. 

13.) Backin' It Up

Pardison Fontaine and Cardi B


Pardison will have you hanging up on these lil boys who act like they like you. "You too pretty to be paused on the facetime." Cardi B and Pardison definitely did the thang in this song. It is always on repeat. 

These songs will keep you dancing and kick off your spring to a great start.