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Meet Movie and Fashion Enthusiast, Sarah Dib!

Name: Sarah Dib

Age: 18

Hometown: Hoover

Major: Marketing / Management

HC:What Are You Involved In On Campus? 

SD:Freshman Forum, USGA, Her Campus


HC:What Are You Most Looking Forward To This Year?

SD:Seeing how I can succeed at UAB, adapting to college life, and getting more involved.


HC:Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

SD:Getting my Masters and MBA, hopefully.


HC:Favorite Movie?



HC:Last Song You Listened to On Repeat?

SD:Hotel Andrea by Blackbear


HC:Dream Job?

SD:Marketing for Warner Bros. creating trailers for films


HC:Favorite Fashion Trend of 2016?




5 Facts About Me: My personal motto is "Que sera, sera". I try to defend the silver lining at all costs. I love my mom and my sorority. I am fashion-obsessed with a slight online shopping addiction. I am currently surviving on chocolate and coffee. Follow me @samramic and @college.catwalk
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