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Meet Erica Campbell

Ash: State your name, birthday, major and classification.

Erica: Erica D. Campbell 20, I share a birthday with Dr. Suess, Community Health with a minor in Social Psychology Sophomore, halfway there ?

What are some of the organizations that you are in on campus?

BSAC social programs committee member, BWOMEN Jr. Asst. Vice President, P31 Member, and a member of Eta Sigma Gamma Health Education Honorary

What’s your favorite book to read?

My favorite books are the divergent series and hunger games series, I like action books with a little romance 

Whats your favorite food?

My favorite foods are fried chicken, Alfredo with no meat, crab legs, and beef tips and rice

What are some of your stress relievers?

  I LOVE TO COOK.  My stress relievers are baking sweets, cooking, and sleeping. I have also found that putting my phone on Do Not Disturb is also helpful

Beyoncé is my favorite artist. This summer will make my third Beyoncé concert. I also like H.E.R. I love R&B music and some rap and hip hop. 

What are some of the places you have visited for vacation?

I have been on many vacations. I have been to Jamaica and the 7 mile beach while on a cruise. I have been to New York, Texas, Missouri, Ohio, and many beaches in Florida.

Where is your place to relax and get away?

My favorite place is the beach. I love the way the waves sound and the sun and the sand. 

What would you do to change the world?

If I could change the world, the cliche answer is to cure cancer and I agree. That would be awesome because there are so many different types and it’s so aggressive. I would also try to make financial aid more understanding to single parents who on paper make a lot of money but because they have no help paying for college and even everyday expenses are a challenge.

What would you do to help the Black community or what are you doing that is helping the black community? 

I currently help the Black community by volunteering. I volunteer at a school with predominantly black and Latino students. I am a voice for them and help them with their school work. I motivate them to be better and to not fall into a stereotype associated with their color. 

Some girls and women face identity crisis with the color of their skin, which develops into self hate. What advice do you have for girls and women, who face colorism? 

My advice would be to learn to be comfortable in yourself. Everyone has something that they don’t like about themselves, but that’s how God made you. So, embrace how God made you because you were perfect in His sight. 

Ash: Thanks, Erica for allowing me to interview you. 

Erica: Thanks, for having me. 

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