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Meet Dan Moser!

Name: Dan Moser

Year: Senior

Major: Finance and Economics

Hometown: North Shore, New Zealand


Dan Moser isn’t just your typical “campus cutie”. He’s a varsity tennis player, and oh yeah, he has one of the hottest accents known to girls everywhere. Ok, enough with my gushing, let’s find out more about him! 


What are your hobbies, Dan?

DM: In my spare time I like to go out on the water with my mates and jetski, wakeboard some, fish some. I just bought a scooter, so riding around on that has been fun. Obviously on Saturday nights, I like to go out and celebrate a bit like most students. On a lazy Sunday, I like watching movies.


What about tennis? What number do you play?

I currently play mainly 4 or 5 in singles and 2 or 3 doubles.


What are you looking for in a girl?

DM: I’m looking for a better half. In the past, I’ll admit I have been attracted to blondes, but lately I have been definitely been warming up to brunettes. The girl has to be fun, but not a party girl. I like a girl who’s independent and has her own friends. The girl I’m dating can’t be high maintenance. 


Ok, what’s your biggest turn-off? 

DM: She must have something to say for herself. She needs to have some sass and edge. She can’t be a complete pushover, because I love to play-fight.


And how would you “pick up” girls? (If you didn’t have an accent):

DM: I’m not a master of pick up lines, I just go for the standard: “Hey how’s it going?”


What do you have to say to the single ladies out there?

“Don’t be shy!”

Jaime is a junior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. There she is the captain of her varsity golf team and a journalism and English double-major. She is an active member in the Student Athletic Advisory Committee where she helps organize volunteer opportunities and social functions for student-athletes at UAB. Jaime enjoys cooking, entertaining friends, reading/writing blogs, fashion, and of course, golf. She aspires to eventually write for a major magazine or write chick-lit books.
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