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The Love Hate Relationship I Have With College

It is the worst of times, it is the best of times. College definitely has its ups and downs and has caused me to develop a love hate relationship with it.

Love: Longer Breaks

Week long thanksgiving breaks, 4-month summers, AND month-long Christmas breaks? Sign me up!

Hate: Campus Dining

After two years of eating the same options over and over again, campus food gets pretty boring and unappetizing.

Love: Friends

Friends make everything better… especially when you’ve found your people.

Hate: Being away from family

Getting homesick is the worst.

Love: Independence

But, on the bright side you finally have some independence and aren’t constantly watched by your parents!

Hate: Residence Halls

Having to pack up and move at the end of the year just to move right back in a few months later is pretty annoying.

Love: Memories

The memories you make here are some that will last a lifetime.

Hate: The end of semester cram

My current situation, finding the motivation to study for finals after giving it your all this semester is THE STRUGGLE!!!

All in all, college is a pretty awesome place when you learn to balance it all. Good luck on your finals!

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