How to Become a Morning Person!

How to Become a Morning Person!


I know after you read the title of this article you were probably like, “Is there even a way for this to happen?” I’m here to tell you that it actually can happen if you follow these few steps, and in no time you won’t have such a hard time waking up for those terrible 8 am classes.

Step 1: Actually get an adequate amount of sleep. Getting an adequate amount of sleep that night can cause you to wake up a little less grumpy. You can do this by setting a bedtime for yourself.

Step 2: Set your clothes out the night before, therefore causing you to sleep a tad longer.


Step 3: Wake up with a Happy mind set. Instead of thinking about what you have to do, think about the good things that could come from the day.


Step 4: STOP HITTING SNOOZE. By hitting snooze to get more sleep, is actually have an opposite effect. It makes it worse by interrupting your body’s natural rest.


Step 5: Try out different waking up strategies from splashing water in your face to even drinking a cup of coffee.



Step 6: Seize the Day! Make the most of the present moment and have a great Morning!