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       I would just like to take a moment and appreciate the time period that I’m living in. I hear lots of people I know bashing 2016 and the election and everything that’s going on in the news right now but I want to focus on the positive: Fashion in 2016. With New York’s Fashion Week coming to a close last week, my brain has been slightly preoccupied with clothes and shoes and accessories… the list goes on. But what has mainly been on my mind is how blessed all of us millennials are to be teenagers during a time when fashion is as cohesive with comfort as it’s ever been. Does anyone remember the 2000s? That decade was a fashion train wreck, just watch any show or music video that aired during the time. We were kids so we didn’t have to struggle with the stiletto heels, the intense eyebrow plucking, the unflattering low-rise jeans and all the other unfortunate trends of the time. I don’t know how, why, or what we did to deserve it, but somehow we got blessed to be young adults during a time when compression pants are considered sexy, Adidas sweatshirts are trendy, and wearing tennis shoes with regular clothes is cool. To prove my point, there has never been a time when OTBT wedges were considered cute until now. And now wearing them is cute AF, especially wearing them with a flowy dress. A flowy dress. *Chandler Bing voice* Can you get any more comfortable?! So the next time you wish you were born in another time period, just remember that no other time period had an “athleisure” trend… And if that doesn’t work: no other time period had Beyoncé. 

5 Facts About Me: My personal motto is "Que sera, sera". I try to defend the silver lining at all costs. I love my mom and my sorority. I am fashion-obsessed with a slight online shopping addiction. I am currently surviving on chocolate and coffee. Follow me @samramic and @college.catwalk
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