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So you finally decided to take the leap and make your curls flourish in all of their natural born glory. NO more heat, NO more flat irons, NO more relaxers, NO more sulfates. Easy as pie, right? That is easier said than done. Every girl who has been through the transition knows that the struggle is real out here in these matted streets! But you’re not alone! Taking the plunge to unmask your curls will be one of the scariest, emotional and exhilarating decisions you will ever make in your hair journey so far. To help you through this trying time, here are 8 stages every girl goes through when transitioning back to their natural curl pattern and embracing their natural beauty!

1. The Decision.

You have made the decision. Society norms of beauty are not going to get the best of you! So, you watch every “big shop” video known to man on YouTube, with your “I’m ready to risk it all” attitude. Then you start to think of all the things coming up like that interview next week, and you have to finish that essay due next moth… So you just put it off until “the right time”.

2. The Rush.

So you have been going through the transition for a couple of months now, living with two texture hair and everything is going sort of smoothly.  Till one day out the blue, you just snap! Next thing you know you have scissors in your hand and half of your hair is on the floor.

3. What the Hell did I just do?!?!

This is self explanatory once you look in the mirror. There should also be a phone call to a hair dresser right after this.

4. The Cover Up

Hats and head wraps are your new best friend. Anything that covers up the mess that is your hair is okay with you.

5. I see, I see

It’s growing! It’s growing! It doesn’t matter if it’s less than an inch! As soon as it can go in the ponytail, life is litter than ever. Then you think to yourself “maybe I can do this.”


6. Just throw it in the Bag

You’ve seen every product review on YouTube and defined your curl pattern about 3 different times. Your bathroom is filled to the brim with Shea Moisture, every Eco style gel known to man and some weird oil that you found at your grandma’s house. You’re pretty sure you could run a Beauty Supply store out of your house at this point.

7. I Cunnot! I Cunnot!

You are so fed up and wash days are killing your arms, so you just give up. You don’t care how you look anymore, as long as you don’t have to touch your hair any longer. You think about relaxing your hair or straightening it again but you haven’t come all this way just to turn around when things get tough. So, you suck it up and braids and wigs become your new go-to. (Thank you to queen Janet Jackson for the inspiration that is box braids.)

8. Embracing What Yo Momma Gave You!

One day you look in the mirror, really look at yourself and then you realize…this is you. And there ain’t no mistaking that boo. It’s okay, though, because you love it.


9. Fro Crown

Your curls are growing and your skin is glowing girl! Solange’s song “Don’t Touch My Hair” is the most played song on your playlist, and the jar for your Beyonce diva wind fan just hit 10 bucks. Everything is sunny skies and rainbows and your kingdom awaits …..Until wash day that is.

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