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A College Student’s Most Popular Google Searches

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UAB chapter.

Google can be a college student’s bff, especially if you’re trying to get out of the habit of texting Mom every time you have a question about how to live life. Here’s a list of five of college students’ most frequent google searches (probably)—minus the obvious googling of homework answers.

1. Can I eat…

Food is expensive, we’re not letting it go to waste no matter what those little numbers say.


2. How can I make my cheap food better?

It’s really not possible to make Walmart-brand mac and cheese taste any better, but go on and convince yourself adding chili powder made you Racheal Ray.


3. Am I taking too much?

For that post all-nighter migraine that started during your 8am. Also see “How much cough syrup can I drink and still function?” and “How many benadryl is too many?”


4. What if I just don’t pay it?

Sometimes you look at your account balance and just have to wonder… What if I just say nope today?


5. What happens if I don’t sleep for __ amount of time?

You’ve seen the sunset and the sunrise at least 3 times now, and google is the place to go if you can still coherently type.


5. Have I reached my peak energy point?

If you drink two at once do you get twice the amount done in 5 hours or do you get 10 hours of energy? And how many Red Bulls does it take to transcend to a higher plane, preferably one that is midterm-free?