Celebrate Galentine's Day With Your Gal Pals!

February is almost here. You probably already noticed because almost every store is filled to the brim with Valentine's Day decor. No valentine this year? Don't worry, that's what Galentine's Day is for! 

What is Galentine's Day?

Galentine's Day (February 13) is a day for celebrating your girlfriends and the love you all have for each other. You don't have to be single to celebrate, but it's always fun for single ladies' to get together and have a good time. The day actually about from the series Parks & Recreation. Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, initiated the day by gathering her closest gal pals for brunch and the rest is history. The holiday has since become recognized by women all over the world. 

How can you celebrate Galentine's Day?

There's no blueprint on how to celebrate this day. You and your friends can do whatever you all enjoy!

  • Go out to dinner
  • Catch a movie
  • Have a game night
  • Exchange gifts at home
  • Go out for dessert 
  • Brunch
  • Have a skype date with your gal pals from all over 
  • Send your BFF flowers (signed bestie, or anonymous for kicks and giggles)

Here are some of our ideas on how you can celebrate here in Birmingham:

1. Art After 5: Galentine's Day (2/1)

2. Galentine's Day Mixer (2/12) 

*Celebrate with us! We'll be having a mixer for all of our ladies at UAB to celebrate their gal pals or find new ones! 

3. Galentine's Day at Topgolf (2/12)  

4. Galentine's Day Celebration @ Charm on 2nd (2/13)