The Best Study Tips

This semester let’s try not to wait until two days before the test to cram three chapters into our brains. It’s 2016! We want to better ourselves, so let’s choose to study hard and effectively this semester. Here are some great study tips to help you throughout the semester:

Study Tip #1

You’ve probably heard this one over a hundred times. Study in intervals. When studying, it is most effective if you study for 30-45 minutes while taking 20-30 minute breaks. All of that cramming is not good for your brain.

Study Tip #2

Study for your hardest class first! Thank me later. Make a list of all of your classes. Now make a list with your hardest class first to your easiest class last. This will help to know which class is common sense to you and which class you need to focus and study more on. To make this 1000% easier, jot down your list inside your planner!


Study Tip #3

Put Twitter down! Instagram doesn’t need a selfie of yourself studying. Facebook doesn’t need an update! Social media isn’t going anywhere! Your grades are more important than checking out Jesse’s new selfie on Instagram. Stop it! While studying, put your phone on Do Not Disturb (Team Iphone, Team Android) and make provisions for ONLY your emergency contacts to get to you: Parents, Roommate, etc.

Study Tip #4

Try going to the library and studying with instrumental hip-hop music. Yes, you read that correctly. I don’t know what it is about the intensive beats that get the brain flowing but studies have shown it has always imporved test scores. If you have a Pandora account, try the instrumental hip-hop station when studying for your next big test in Sterne!