Azealia Banks vs. Wild N Out

Recently, everyone's "favorite" celebrity drama starter Azealia Banks was invited to be on Wild N Out. For those of you who aren't familiar with the popular program, Wild N out is the hip hop version of "Who's Line is it Anyways?". Nick Cannon is the host and every episode is filled with laughter, fun, and of course historic roasts. There are also celebrity guest coaches who are given a team for the episode and if you're not one who can take a joke, you definitely shouldn't consider being on this show. Which brings us to Ms. Azealia Banks. On her episode of Wild N Out, she not only gets offended, but throws rude jokes towards other members of the cast and doesn't even really participate in the different games. Honestly, watching the episode I kept thinking "why did she agree to this if she couldn't take the heat?!" I mean come on. the show has been around for 13 years now and in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE no one is free from getting roasted especially Nick Cannon who is usually the one facing most of the hits. She wasn't even funny when she did participate in something and really brought nothing to her team. Then, get this it gets better......SHE CRIES!!! Bruh, are you kidding me? As the old saying goes "if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen". I don't even get why she agreed to this if she wasn​'t going to play in on the fun. Most of the jokes weren't even about her for her to feel so offended. Then she gave a trash performance at the end, placing her episode on Wild N Out on my worst episodes list. For someone who is so quick to get on someone else over a computer screen, she was definitely not the same in person. Bottom line, she never should have said yes to this opportunity and should get over herself.